Lewes railway land trip

On Monday we were lucky enough to be able to spend our day at the beautiful grounds of the Lewes Railway land. We learnt about different habitats in the reserve. We also spoke about the chalky cliffs and how fossils were formed. We were also able to practice making miniature shelters out of things found in the woodland and imagined how our ancestors would have survived in this habitat. We used our foraging and archery skills to find food like they would have done in the past. It was such a beautiful day too! Maybe you could visit the Railway land in the Easter hols.


Towner Artwork

Here is some of the final piece of art work that has been produced by Foxes and Owls. Coming to the Towner Art Gallery soon!



King’s Academy Ringmer – Little Big Bang

On Thursday the year five Owls went to King’s Academy Ringmer to take part in the Little Big Bang STEM day. This included: being shown how the Rampion Wind farm was built and how wind turbines work; a chemistry experiment using Bunsen burners and copper sulphate; learning about vacuums and pumps with Edwards Vacuums and working with line robots with Thales. The Ozobots  were given different instructions from the different sequences of colours, in the blank empty spaces of the lines. Some videos were taken of the Ozobots working to the colour codes that they were given. They will be placed on the website. They had a very exciting day!

Cumnor House science trip

On Wednesday we were  lucky to be invited to Cumnor House to take advantage of their amazing science resources. We spoke about different properties of materials. The topic then moved on to plastic. We discussed the disadvantages and advantages of plastic and the harm that it can do to our  environment, as most forms of plastic are not bio-degradable. The Owls then used different scientific equipment to make a type of plastic out of potato starch. This would be more environmentally friendly and would also be bio-degradable. We got our Bunsen burner licenses: aren’t we clever!

Restless dream poems

Owl class have been working in groups to write poems about Tristan’s ‘restless dream’ in our class reader The Viewer.

Please click on the link to read them!

Abandoned by Max, Oscar H, Ava and Francis

Alone by Loretta, Betty, Oscar B, Moses

Deserted by Morgan, India, Finley D, Jesse and Sol

Dreamless by James, Rosie and Henry

Survivor by Johny and Bobby

The Lonely One by Sammy, Tino, Finley and Ossy

Withering world by Renka, Louisa, Amber andDevon