Term 6- Week

Not long now!

We will be welcoming back some of the Year 5’s the week beginning the 13th July, so it won’t be long until some of you spend some time in school!


Please find the White Rose maths below:









Term 6- Week 5

We look forward to seeing you!

As most of you should know now, many of you will be returning before the summer break, something we are really looking forward to!











Term 6- Week 4

Hi Year 5s!

I hope you are doing well and keeping yourselves happy!


Please find the Year 5 White Rose Maths activities below, download and check your answers. Don’t forget to comment on here and/or share your work on the Purple Mash Blog! Don’t forget to use the Oak Academy Website for other work you can be getting on with while at home!










Term 6 Week 3

Hello Owls!

We hope that this blog finds you all well and happy.


Please find below the links to this week’s White Rose Maths tasks, as well as a little update on what we have been doing at school.

This week, Year 6 learnt about tessellation and the artist M.C Escher. The children created their own tessellation designs on brick-wall design paper and then transferred their designs on to the wall on the playground using chalks. However, they discovered that the bricks in the playground wall were not equally sized – so this posed an extra challenge!


We thought that you might like to have a go at creating your own tessellation designs at home (perhaps you could find a wall to brighten up too!). Here are some links to help you:

Brick Wall Template

Tessellation Task

MC Escher PPT

How to make a Tessellation Template PPT

White Rose Maths – Summer Term Week 8

Year 5:

Link to Year 5 Videos and Friday Challenge

Lesson 1 – Understand percentages 2019

Lesson 1 Answers – Understand percentages 2019

Lesson 2 – Percentages as fractions and decimals 2019

Lesson 2 Answers – Percentages as fractions and decimals 2019

Lesson 3 – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places 2020

Lesson 3 Answers – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places 2020

Lesson 4 Answers – Adding decimals with a differen number of decimal places 2020

Lesson 4 – Adding decimals with a differen number of decimal places 2020

Year 6:

Link to Year 6 Videos and Friday Challenge

Lesson 1 – Solve two-step equations 2019

Lesson 1 Answers – Solve two-step equations 2019

Lesson 2 – Find pairs of values (2) 2019

Lesson 2 Answers – Find pairs of values (2) 2019

Lesson 3 – Convert metric measures 2019

Lesson 3 Answers – Convert metric measures 2019

Lesson 4 – Miles and kilometres 2019

Lesson 4 Answers – Miles and kilometres 2019


Term 6 Week 2

Good morning! We hope that this week’s blog finds you all well and happy. We hope that you have been enjoying the learning tasks set for the term in last week’s blog. We know that some of you are focusing on your own areas of interest and creating your own projects instead, and we are really proud of all that we are hearing. We always enjoy celebrating your work and projects on the PurpleMash blog, so please do keep uploading what you are doing at home!

We hope that in addition to some learning that you are also spending plenty of time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and getting plenty of fresh air. Fingers crossed we have another lovely week of weather (minus the storm!) ahead.


I thought you would like this lovely dog enjoying a bit of sunbathing!

We promised we would update you on what was happening in school…

Last week, as part of the whole-school: ‘Take One Step’ project, Year 6 pupils began creating their own YouTube channel for a PSHE and Computing project. They focused on creating artwork and the initial identity of the channel, as well as writing letters to ask for funding for the equipment they will need to film. 

In Science and Art, Year 6 started learning about Microorganisms. They learnt what they are; where they are; which scientists led the way in their discovery (Pasteur and Koch); how to view them; and what they look like! Many interesting questions were put forward that we will find answers to as we research further. Everybody chose a specific microorganism which interested them and learnt how to use chalk pastels to blend colours and add detail to their images. Below is the beginning of our microorganisms display. Next week we will create information texts to explain what each of the images are: 


We know that a lot of you will be very interested to find out more about microorganisms too, so below are some links that we watched in class that you can also watch at home. If you create your own microorganism art and upload it to the learning platform we can add it to our class display!

What is a Microbe?

What does a microorgansim look like / Types of bacteria on your hand

Microorganisms in one drop of dirty water

Robert Koch (The development of the vaccine BCG for Tuberculosis):

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP-WXLsnMjY

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBgUWnGtxt4

Louis Pasteur PPT: t2-s-1384-all-about-louis-pasteur-information-powerpoint_ver_1

Introduction to blending chalk pastels


Year 5 & 6 White Rose Maths

Afternoon everybody, I have attached the White Rose maths materials for this week, click on them to download and use at your leisure!

Year 5





Year 6





Welcome to Term 6

Welcome to Term 6 Owls!

We hope that you all had a restful half-term week and were able to enjoy the sunshine!


It feels very strange to begin Term 6 virtually and we want you to know that we miss you all immensely. We look forward to welcoming some of our Year 6 pupils back this week and we know that those children will be looking forward to seeing each other. Year 5, we are still awaiting guidance from the government about the wider opening of the school, but we will keep you updated as we hear.

Until then, we hope that the home-learning tasks we have planned this term will help you to continue to build your love of learning as well as develop skills old and new. We have decided that this term we will work towards a whole-school topic called:

‘Take One Step’


This overview below shows you potential activities based around the theme of ‘Take One Step’ that you may like to complete at home across the term.

Day-to-day home-learning will work slightly differently this term as we welcome back some of our EYFS, Year 1, and Year 6 pupils to the school. 

First of all, the WhiteRose materials that were made available to you last term will continue to be posted on the class blogs. You should be familiar with these lessons (and their content) and this should provide you with continuity with your Maths learning.


Secondly, for English, we encourage you to use the Oak National Academy resources (https://www.thenational.academy/). Simply access the ‘Schedule’ tab on the website homepage and select your year group. When you have clicked on this tab, you will be presented with a page with an English lesson with a SPaG (spelling and grammar) focus. In addition, you might also want to access pobble365.com where you will find pictures to prompt creative writing in potentially a variety of genres.

Finally, in the afternoon, for your ‘Topic’ lesson, we encourage you to access the Take One Step topic overview and have a go at the activities.


When you have completed work we would be delighted if you would continue to share it on our Purple Mash Blog so that we can give you feedback and stay in touch with you whilst you are learning at home. We were so proud of all of the wonderful home-learning we saw in Term 5! 

Don’t forget that you can comment on each other’s posts on the Purple Mash Blog and we hope this continues to be a great way for you all to stay in touch with each other whilst you are learning at home.

We  will continue to check the Purple Mash Blog each day to see what you have been learning and feed-back to you. We will also update the class blog once a week to keep you updated with what has been happening at school and to share news. Remember that we can be also be contacted via the school office email address if you have any concerns or require additional support.  

~Mr Newlands & Mrs Robertson~


Year 5 White Rose Maths:

Afternoon everybody, I hope you are continuing to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having! I have attached the White Rose maths materials for this week, click on them to download and use at your leisure!





Please find below the daily timetable for Year 5’s going forward, this is a guide so please use it flexibly if required.

TimeLessonActivity and where to find it
Before 9amWake upEat a healthy breakfast, make your bed, shower/bath, clean your teeth and get dressed ready for the day!
9-9.15Early Morning WorkTimes-tables practice (TTRs); read a chapter of a book; write a short paragraph about pictures found on www.pobble365.com; tune into Joe Wicks.
9.15- 10.00MathsAccess the WhiteRose Maths materials on your class blog.
10.00-10.30Break timeSpend some time outside or do something you find relaxing!
10.30-11.30Englishhttps://www.thenational.academy/ – access the English lesson for your year group.
11.30-12.00Creative TimeCreative, screen-free time: create a Lego model, head outside to get some fresh air.
12.00-1.00- LunchWash your hands, eat your lunch, and help tidy/clean up!
1.00-1.30Quiet TimeReading, puzzles, sudoku etc.
1.30-3.00TopicWork on one of the Take One Stepproject ideas on the class blog

Half – Term Week (25th – 29th May)

Please find below some activities which you might like to try over half-term!

For further activities, please look back to the Easter Holiday blogs. 


Patina Moving on 2020 History Avatars!

Painting – Pointillism 


Learn to Draw

Here you will find tutorials to teach you how to draw animals, buildings, characters, people …. and much more!

Make and Draw Mosaics


Make a Sundial

Make a Mini-Beast Mansion

Annotation 2020-05-18 135116

Make a Flip-Book


Science Experiments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday 22nd May

Good morning Owls!

During the lockdown people have shared links to some very interesting websites including this one for Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Link

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition provides a showcase for the world’s very best nature photography. The competition is owned and operated by the world-renowned Natural History Museum.

I noticed on the website there is a section called ‘Young Awards’ which I thought might particularly interest you. These photographs were taken by young people in three age groups: 10 years and under; 11 – 14 years; and 15 – 17 years. I was really impressed with the beautiful images they had taken and I hope you enjoy them too! 

Young Photographer Awards Link

If you click on the ‘Light Box’ you will be able to view the images in full-screen mode.

Do we have any budding photographers in Owl Class? Perhaps you could have a go at photographing your pets and local wildlife during the lockdown. It would be fantastic to see some of these photographs on the Purple Mash blog! 

~Mrs Robertson~



Both Year groups, please follow the link to the daily iseemaths lesson and then follow the link to the WhiteRose ‘Friday Challenge’ (which is the same for Y5 & Y6) :


Link to WhiteRose Friday Challenge!


Follow the link for today’s reading comprehension task.



Please refer to the weekly overview.


Year 6 – Please refer to the SPAG.com task that has been set for you.

Year 5 – Please continue to complete tasks in your CGP Books.

Idiom of the day

led up the garden path 22.5.20

Music: Texture 


Musicians mix and layer the sounds they are playing to create texture. This makes the piece more interesting to listen to.

A 3-minute film on Texture:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zcbkcj6/articles/z9ffng8


Safety in Action day 5: Staying Healthy at Home

Now that you’re spending more time at home, you may be doing less exercise and not thinking so much about your health. Healthy eating and keeping ourselves moving is important for our minds and bodies.

Take a look at these ideas and activities for our final day of Safety in Action:

Day 5 Water facts

Day 5 Rainbow tips

Day 5 Healthy Eating

Day 5 Food groups

Day 5 Exercise

Can you eat a rainbow