We used our atlas skills and identified some mountain ranges across the planet. We also learnt about what causes mountains and chose particular mountains and researched them. IMG_0027IMG_0028IMG_0029

Evolution & Inheritance

Our new science topic got off to a great start when we visited Cumnor House earlier in the term to use their fantastic labs. We used cheek swabs to study our own unique cells, before extracting DNA from fruit. Since then, we have been learning about inherited characteristics in humans and other animals. We have also been studying the adaptive traits of various organisms, and considering how these traits allow them to thrive in their habitats.

Stone Age Tools

Owls’ class have been working very hard at creating Stone Age tools. We started by create the shapes using newspaper and masking tape. We then moved onto Paper Mache the tool. Once dried we painted, drew a wood effect and used string as lashing. 78299456_2772009816153077_5224197596637036544_o

Welcome Back!

A slightly belated Welcome Back as we begin Term 2! We have got off to a great start in the last week, and are really enjoying our new Iron Age topic. We have been researching wolves in order to write an information text. We have also started our new text, ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. If you are able to, do source a copy of this for your child so they can read along in class and explore the text more easily.

We are very excited about our upcoming trip to Cumnor House. It promises to get our Evolution and Inheritance science topic off to a great start. There will no doubt be some pictures of this event to follow soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our Year Fives making ‘blood’ last term in order to better their understanding of the ratios of blood’s various components.


Heart Dissection

Owls Class had a wonderful time at Kings Academy in Ringmer this morning. We worked in small groups to complete a heart dissection. We are looking forward to lots more practical science and STEM activities this year. Don’t forget to read the letter that went home today about our upcoming trip to Cumnor House on Wednesday 13th November.