Happy New Year!

We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new adventures in 2019.


Year 5 Connect with the Countryside

Year 5 enjoyed a day at Ardingly Showground this week. They took part in the annual ‘Connect with the Countryside’ day, along with many other schools across the county.

Patina 2018

Well done to Year 6 and their parents! We enjoyed a fantastic Patina ‘Moving on’ Parade in Lewes today. Thanks to Sandrine Case for being our Patina artist this year and for all the support from parents over the past few terms. A special thanks to Sarah MacLaughlin-Marlow for co-ordinating fundraising for this event to happen.

Sports Day

Well done Owls Class for a fantastic Sports Day. You all showed tremendous sportspersonship and teamwork skills.
Congratulations to Sia for winning the Y6 Longest Jump and Y6 Fastest Girl trophies, Rowan for winning the Y6 Longest Throw and to Mali for winning the Y6 Fastest Boy.
Dragons Team had the overall win for the day!

The Super Sneeze

Whilst the Year 6s worked on their Patina makes, Year 5 took part in The Super Sneeze. As part of our science topic, we looked at harmful microbes and how far sneezes can travel! We tested this by using food colour spray bottles, measured the distance they could be sprayed and then tried this again with hands and tissues as barriers.
Our results showed that it is important to contain harmful microbes and to ensure they are disposed of so they don’t spread further.

Farewell PGL!

On our final day, we enjoyed the Challenge Course, Aeroball and Orienteering.

Thank you to the children and to Miss Bingham for making the Year 6 Residential such a fabulous few days. Lots of memories made and good friendships made even stronger.



Reasoning with decimals

While the Year 6s enjoy their challenges at Windmill Hill, the Year 5s have been working with decimals in the playground.  We worked in teams to answer a question about making the largest and smallest decimals with digits 0-9.

We also worked as a class to subtract decimals, starting with a number:

We started with 9.873
We started with 9.873

What have we subtracted to make this new number?


Then we took away 0.02 to make…


And finally subtracted 5 thousandths: